An unplanned pregnancy can be scary and confusing. If you aren’t sure how to handle being pregnant or don’t know what to do, one of our caring staff members can help you understand your options.

At Dakota Hope Clinic, you won’t find anyone pressuring you into a decision for your pregnancy. What you will find is evidence-based information about all of your options and professional staff to answer your questions. We will meet with you as much or as little as you need to make an informed choice you are confident in, but the decision is yours.

Below, you will find brief information regarding your options, but if you would like more information about how each of these options would work for your unique situation, please contact us to make an appointment today.


Pregnant and considering abortion? At Dakota Hope Clinic, you can find information and resources about abortion procedures and the risks associated with each. Like any other pregnancy choice, having an abortion is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you are considering abortion, you likely have many questions about what abortion is, how much it costs and more. You can find more information about abortion here or you can contact us to schedule a pregnancy options appointment.

We do not provide referrals to abortion clinics, nor do we perform abortions in our facility.


Is adoption right for your situation? We can help you find answers to that question. Adoption has changed significantly in the past decade, with many types of adoption to choose from. Whether you want an open adoption, where you still have contact with your child, or a closed adoption, where your privacy and anonymity is prioritized, or you prefer something in the middle (referred to as a semi-open adoption), you have options.

You may be considering adoption for several reasons:

  • You are not ready for a child, but don’t want to have an abortion
  • You want your child to grow up in a stable, two-parent household
  • You want to focus on school or your career
  • You feel you are too young or not mature enough to be a parent
  • You don’t have a stable living situation or aren’t in a stable relationship
  • You don’t believe you are in the right mental state to raise a child

No matter your reason for considering adoption, we are here for you. Contact us today to schedule a pregnancy options appointment.


Parenting can be a daunting decision, even for individuals who became pregnant intentionally. However, the key to successful parenting is having a strong support system. Parenting with the support of family, friends or a significant other can make you a strong parent, regardless of the situation.

If you choose to parent, we have resources and support services available to you. Check out our Baby Boutique and ask us how you can Earn While You Learn. You’re never alone! Contact Dakota Hope Clinic to learn more about how parenting would work for you, as well as what resources are available to you.

You got this! Parenting with the support of family, friends or a significant other can make you strong enough to handle it, no matter how tough life can get. Parenting can be difficult, no matter what your circumstances are. The key to successful parenting is having a strong support system. We are here to support you.

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