1. Items for Baby Boutique – bring new or hand-made baby items to the clinic.
  2. Please note, we have an abundance of handmade blankets and afghans
  3. Marketplace Food/Gas Stamps
  4. Mail-in Donations – send to Dakota Hope Clinic, 315 S. Main St., suite 205, Minot
  5. On-Line Donations using Credit Card
  6. Electronic Funds Transfer
  7. Recurring Donations
  8. Commemorative Donations
    1. In Memory of
    2. In Honor of
    3. Christmas
  9. Sponsorship
  10. Match Funds
    1. Giving Hearts Day
    2. St. Joseph’s community Health Foundation Match Grant

The activities and services of Dakota Hope comply with the provisions and limitations of their non-profit status under the ND Articles of Incorporation, and their tax exempt status 501 (c) (3) with the Internal Revenue Service of the United States.